1. What is copyright registration?



     Copyright registration is divided into computer software registration and work registration.    

       Computer software indicates the computer program and its relevant files. Computer program is the coding instruction sequence with some functions or the symbolic statement sequence. Files are the literal data and chart that describe the content, constituent, design, functional specification, development, test results and application method of the program, including program design instruction, flow chart, user manual, etc.


       Works indicate the intellectual achievements with originality that can be copied in some tangible forms in literature, art and science fields.


     According to Article 3 of Copyright Law of PRC, all kinds of works can be applied for registration, including written works, oral works, music, drama, Chinese opera, dance, acrobatics, fine arts, architecture works, photography works, movie works and the works with similar shooting methods, engineering design drawings, product design drawings, maps, schematic diagrams and other graphic and model works, computer software and other works specified in laws and administrative regulations.