Trading rules



1. Service information

The service price, quantity and other service information may change on our website at any time, and no special notice will be made. We guarantee the accuracy of the service information acquired by Party A as far as possible. However, the information released on our website may be hysteretic or wrong due to the large amount of service information, well-known internet technical factor and other objective factors. We have informed Party A about it and sought his/her understanding.

2. Place orders

1) Please carefully confirm the name, price, quantity, contact person, phone number, contact address and other information of the service to be purchased before placing an order. The contact person’s behavior and intention will be deemed as yours, and you should bear all joint responsibilities of the legal consequences in case of any inconsistency between his/her address and your address. If the contact person requires to change the delivery address during the document distribution, we shall deem that you have agreed to change.

2) We will guarantee the accuracy of the service information and its availability as far as possible. However, error may occur due to the manual operation, system problem and other force majeure reasons. In such case, we will modify according to the correct information and your confirmation, and you shall be entitled to cancel the order or complete the transaction based on the correct information.                                                                                                                                                                                    

3. Payment & refund

1) The payment modes will be released in E-shop. You should select the payment mode and pay for the order accordingly before confirming. Party B shall be entitled to cancel the order if you fail to pay for the order under the selected mode or before the required deadline.

2) The refund modes will be released in the E-shop of Party B. We will refund you the payment and other cash payments incurred in the service changes of Party A, the refund modes are varied with the payment modes. Please strictly collect the refunded payment according to the refund modes and period.

4. Change of services

We allow the service changes that not influence the implementation of the agreement as Party A required after you place an order. You should implement different change policies and conditions based on the specific service type, carefully read and understand them before the application, and strictly complete the changes according to relevant processes and requirements. You should re-submit the order if the changes influence the normal execution of the agreement.