Limitation of liability



1) Except for otherwise clearly specified in written form, all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services displayed or contained in our E-shop or from other website but displayed in our E-shop are on “status quo” and “existing” bases.

2) In case of any damages or economic losses caused by the services of our E-shop, the compensation we bore shall not exceed the cost of relevant service purchased by Party A within the limitation of laws and regulations. These limitation terms and conditions apply to the maximum limitation of laws, and will still be valid after Party A’s qualification is withdrew or terminated.

3). You get to know and agree that we and our E-shop, whether has been informed about the possibility of the compensation of loss or not, will not bear any compensation for the losses of Party A (including but not limited to profits, reputation, usage, data and other intangible losses) in the following situations,: a) the third party use Party A’s account or change his/her data without permission; b) you misunderstand our service; 3) the losses are related to Party B’s service but not caused by us or our E-shop.