Trademark registration knowledge



I. What is the trademark?

Adopted by the commodity producers and operators in their produced, manufactured, processed, selected or sold commodities or by service providers in their provided services to distinguish the sources of commodities or services, trademark is the sign with distinctive characteristics and the outcome of modern economy, composing of the elements of characters, patterns, letters, figures, three-dimensional symbols, sound, color or any combination of the above elements.

II. What are the functions of trademark?

1. Legally protect your brand.

2. Settle your brand product in e-commerce platform.

3. Become your significant intangible asset.

4. Become your enterprise advertisement.

III. What are the documents necessary for trademark registration?

Identification of applicant, power of attorney, logo and goods of service. Notarization and authentication are also required in some countries.

IV. How long does the trademark registration take?

From about half a year to one or two years (depending on the specific review time of different countries).

V. Are there any periods of validity for trademark certificates?

The registered trademark shall be renewed every few years according to the specific regulation of different countries, and use evidence is required in some countries.