Purchase process



1. New user registration or existing account login

The new user will have exclusive intellectual property consultant after registering an account and logging in, purchase our trademark registration products and enjoy the follow-up service.

2. Contact consultant & search planning

You can search service items based on your needs after logging in or contact your consultant directtly. Each professional intellectual property consultant will provide you with professional solutions and plans based on your conditions.

3. Purchase & payment

You will get to know and be familiar with the intellectual property service that you need with the solutions and plans provided by our professional consultant. Then you can select the purchase quantity and service type based on your actual needs. Finally, you will enjoy the exclusive intellectual property service by confirming the information, ordering and paying for the service items through the legal and safe on-line channels.

4. Fill in information

Please fill in relevant information based on your actual conditions, your information will directly influence your business application.

5. Submit application

Please download, print and stamp the document and send it back to us according to the prompted service content. We will submit the complete document within 24 hours after receiving (except for the official holidays in China).

6. Follow up

You can query the progress of business on our official website after applying, and consult your exclusive consultant on the businesses without the progresses on our website.